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Standard Coverage for Homeowners Insurance

Insurance in Tampa Bay

Homeowner’s insurance policies are designed to protect a home and the possessions inside the home. If theft or damage harms the home, the homeowner should be reimbursed financially. Some homeowners’ policies also include liability coverage against accidents inside the home or on homeowner’s property. Some of the standard coverage of a homeowner’s insurance policy also includes the following:

Personal Belongings. These are covered if they are stolen or destroyed by fire. Personal belonging coverage can be as much as 70% of the insurance on your home’s structure especially if they include items like jewelry, furs, art, collectibles, and silverware.

Home: Reimbursement for repairing or rebuilding your home if it is damaged by natural disasters, fire, or others listed in your policy. It’s usually standard that the home structures include such detached as a garage, tool shed, or gazebo. It makes sense to be sure you buy enough coverage in the event you need to rebuild your home.

Liability Protection:  This coverage is for injury or property damage that you cause to other people. Plus, it may also pay for damage your pet causes to others. Make sure your policy also provides no-fault medical coverage, so if someone is injured in your home, medical bills can be submitted to your insurance company.

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Reasons to Consider Buying Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance in Tampa

The largest expense many business owners incur is commercial insurance. There are a number of things to consider before going through with your purchase. You want to determine:

  • What you are required to insure. The required insurance policies are determined by the kind of business you have. Some general guidelines include your contracts or loans with banks or others that may require you to have certain kinds of commercial insurance in Tampa. Some examples of requirements include:
    • General liability required by any vendors you do business with.
    • Government entities that you do business with.
    • A bank that holds your mortgage or the landlord from whom you rent commercial space.
  • What extra coverage might be available. Extra liability or a commercial umbrella policy may be required by vendors you work for so that any large losses not included in your underlying insurance policy is covered.
  • If you are sure about what commercial insurance you are required to carry, you can research any additional coverages that are beneficial to your business.
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