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Should You Buy Insurance on a Rental Car?

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When you are traveling and need a car, you’ll find that car rental agencies offer renters the opportunity to buy their loss damage waivers, which limit or eliminate the financial liability for damage to a rental the specific car rental company.

Many personal auto insurance policies do provide collision coverage for rental cars. However, a number of rental companies today have begun to charge customers for diminished value and administrative charges if their rental vehicle is in an accident. Remember these tips when you are deciding whether or not to insure yourself while renting a car include:

  • Credit Card Coverage: Not all credit cards offer the same kind of coverage, for example, one company may cover the use of certain SUVs while another one doesn’t. Some have limits on the number of days covered.
  • Collision Damages: Some car rental agencies through which you buy your insurance may waive fees for damages, loss of use, or any other necessary fees.
  • Paying Upfront Costs: It is often required to pay the full amount of the rental on the credit card you use for insurance coverage, which means you may also have to pay the damages upfront to the car rental agency. It is possible to file a claim after the accident, but if there are any problems, your credit score could be negatively impacted.

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The Purpose of Insurance

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Buying insurance sometimes feel like buying air. You pay for something that you may never use or need. Some people don’t buy insurance because to them it feels like a waste of money to buy something you might never get back. However, there are a number of mandatory requirements to buy insurance, which includes the following:

  • Buying a Home: It is nearly impossible to own a home without insurance because mortgage lenders need to have proof that your home is protected. The lender or mortgage company needs to be sure its financial investment in your home is protected should it be damaged or destroyed by a fire or anything else. A local agent can help you buy a homeowners insurance policy that fits your needs
  • Driving a Car: The Road Traffic Act of 1988 stipulated that all motorists must be insured against their liability to others. You want your expenses covered if you cause damage to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. You can also choose to expand your insurance to have your car protected against theft or other damage.

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