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Florida is what is known as a “no-fault state,” which means that the insured driver who is involved in an accident collects medical, disability, and other compensation from his or her own insurance company, whether or not they caused the accident. That’s why it pays to shop around by using All Star Insurance, one of the leading companies for personal and commercial auto insurance in Tampa. You want to ensure your auto insurance meets all of the state’s requirements. In Florida, all drivers are required to have a minimum of the following coverages and limits:

  • $10,000 to $20,000 Bodily Injury Liability Coverage Per Person
  • $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Per Person

When All Star Insurance finds you the right insurance in Tampa Bay, you can feel confident that you have the kind of insurance that best fits your needs. We are also known for finding affordable rates for our customers who need motorcycle insurance in Tampa and the surrounding areas.

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